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AdBlue programming is the cheapest and fastest option for solving problems with SCR, EGR and DPF systems in trucks and vans, as well as construction, industrial and agricultural machines.

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AdBlue, a solution of urea in water, is also used in construction machines equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

SCR systems with AdBlue are used to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel engine exhaust.

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AdBlue construction machines

Taking care of the AdBlue system in construction machinery is crucial for several important reasons:

  1. Compliance with Emission Standards: SCR systems with AdBlue are being introduced in construction machinery to meet stringent exhaust emission standards such as Stage IV / Tier 4 Final standards. By maintaining the AdBlue system, operators ensure compliance with NOx emission regulations.
  2. Environmental Protection: The use of AdBlue in construction machines helps reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, which has a positive impact on air quality and environmental protection. Regular system maintenance maintains this environmental benefit.
  3. Long-Term Performance: SCR systems are part of a more complex vehicle emissions system. Taking care of the AdBlue system, including regular maintenance and proper dosing of the fluid, contributes to the long-term and effective operation of the entire system, which affects the overall performance of the machine.
  4. Minimizing Failures: Incorrect AdBlue dosing, impurities in the fluid or other system-related problems can lead to SCR system failure. Regular maintenance helps minimize the risk of failure, which in turn ensures the continued operation of the machine.
  5. Optimum Engine Performance: Using AdBlue in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations allows you to maintain optimal engine performance. This is crucial for the effective operation of the construction machine, especially in difficult field conditions.
  6. Warranty Maintenance: Many machine manufacturers offer warranties on emissions systems. Taking care of the AdBlue system in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations allows you to maintain the warranty and avoid costly repairs.
  7. Minimizing Fuel Costs: Effective operation of the SCR system, supported by appropriate AdBlue dosing, can contribute to improving the fuel efficiency of the machine. This, in turn, translates into lower operating costs.
  8. Fleet Management: If you have a fleet of construction machines, maintaining your AdBlue system and meeting emission standards are crucial for sustainable fleet management and compliance with legal requirements.

In short, taking care of the AdBlue system in construction machinery benefits both the environment and the long-term performance and operation of the machine. This is a key element of the responsible use of construction vehicles, especially in the context of increasingly restrictive exhaust emission standards.

AdBlue in construction machines and better performance.

Adblue and the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems that are associated with it are mainly focused on reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions in the exhaust gases of diesel engines. Their main purpose is not to directly increase engine power or improve the performance of construction machines. However, introducing an SCR system with Adblue into construction machinery could have some positive effects on its overall performance. Here are some aspects that can be taken into account:

  1. Fuel Efficiency: The SCR system, working with Adblue, can influence the engine’s fuel efficiency by optimizing combustion and reducing exhaust resistance. Improving fuel efficiency can result in lower fuel consumption, which can ultimately reduce the operating costs of the machine.
  2. Long-term Engine Performance: Reducing emissions of harmful substances, especially NOx, allows you to maintain long-term engine performance. Lower amounts of harmful substances can result in less wear and tear of engine components, which can contribute to a longer operating life.
  3. Maintaining a Clean Work Environment: Construction machines often operate in residential areas, and reducing emissions of harmful substances, such as NOx, contributes to maintaining clean air in workplaces and the surroundings.
  4. Fleet Management: Using the SCR system with Adblue on all construction machines in a given fleet allows for consistent management of emissions and environmental standards across the entire fleet.
  5. Compliance with Emission Standards: In some areas, especially where strict exhaust emission standards apply, having an SCR system with Adblue is necessary to meet legal requirements.

However, it is worth noting that the introduction of Adblue to construction machinery is mainly aimed at meeting emission standards and protecting the environment, rather than directly increasing performance. If increasing power and performance is a priority, other modifications or technologies may be more geared in that direction. In any case, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and regulations to maintain legality and ensure the durability of the machine.

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Using AdBlue in construction machines with an SCR system can result in savings in various areas, which is particularly important in the context of effective fleet management and operating costs. Below are some aspects that may affect savings when using AdBlue:

  1. Fuel Efficiency: The SCR system, working with AdBlue, can improve the engine’s fuel combustion efficiency. By reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, the engine can operate more efficiently, which may translate into lower fuel consumption.
  2. Fuel Consumption: Optimizing the combustion process enabled by the SCR system can result in lower fuel consumption compared to a machine that does not use this technology. This, in turn, translates into savings in fuel costs for the machine operator.
  3. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Long-term engine performance, aided by an SCR system, can result in lower maintenance costs. Fewer harmful emissions can result in longer engine component life, which in turn can reduce repair and replacement costs.
  4. Compliance with Eco Standards:
    • The use of AdBlue allows you to meet stringent exhaust emission standards, which may be crucial in the case of construction projects in areas with strict environmental regulations.
  5. Avoiding Penalties and Fines:
    • In some jurisdictions, there are financial penalties for vehicles that do not meet emissions standards. Using the SCR system with AdBlue allows you to avoid these penalties and fines.
  6. Save in the Long Run: Although AdBlue costs are an additional expense, the benefits of fuel savings and lower maintenance costs can save you money in the long run.

However, it is worth remembering that savings related to the use of AdBlue may vary depending on the operating conditions of the machine, its specifications, as well as local fuel and AdBlue prices. Additionally, to achieve the full benefits of an SCR system with AdBlue, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding operation, maintenance and dosing of the fluid. Regular reviews and maintenance of the system are crucial to maintaining its effectiveness.


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