AdBlue industrial machines

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AdBlue industrial machines.

AdBlue is the trade name for a solution of urea in water that is used in vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, as well as in some industrial machinery and trucks.

The SCR system with AdBlue is used to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by converting them into safe substances such as nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).

adblue maszyny przemysłowe

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AdBlue industrial machines

Although AdBlue systems in industrial machinery are generally reliable, there may be some problems that require attention and maintenance. Here are some common problems related to AdBlue in industrial machines:

  1. AdBlue contamination: Impurities such as dust, water impurities or other substances may affect the quality of AdBlue. Contaminated AdBlue can lead to damage to the SCR system and catalytic converter, which may in turn increase nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.
  2. Loss of AdBlue quality: AdBlue is sensitive to light and high temperatures. Storing it in improper conditions may lead to loss of quality. Aging AdBlue may lose its properties and become less effective in reducing NOx emissions.
  3. Damage to sensors and system components: Sensors and other components of the AdBlue system, such as pumps, lines or injectors, may be damaged or worn out. Faulty components can lead to incorrect AdBlue dosing, which affects the efficiency of the SCR system.
  4. Insufficient AdBlue dosing: If AdBlue is not dosed sufficiently into the SCR system, this may lead to ineffective reduction of NOx emissions. This may be due to leaks, blocked lines or damage to the dosing pumps.
  5. AdBlue level sensor failure: AdBlue level sensors in the tank are crucial for correct dosing. Damage to these sensors can lead to incorrect AdBlue level monitoring and cause dosing problems.
  6. AdBlue freezing: At low temperatures, AdBlue may freeze. Therefore, it is important to use AdBlue containing the appropriate amount of antifreeze inhibitor, as well as to use appropriate safeguards, such as tank heaters.
  7. Errors in the diagnostic system: Errors or problems in the diagnostic system can lead to incorrect AdBlue level readings and messages, which may require correction by a service technician.

If any problems occur with the AdBlue system in industrial machines, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s authorized service or a specialist workshop dealing with SCR systems. Regular inspections, maintenance and the use of high-quality AdBlue are crucial to maintaining the efficiency of the system and meeting exhaust emission standards.

Adblue industrial machines – why are there problems?

Problems related to AdBlue in industrial machines may result from various factors. Below are some of the main reasons why AdBlue problems may occur:

  1. AdBlue contaminants: Introducing contaminants such as dust, water or other substances into the AdBlue tank may significantly affect the quality of AdBlue. Pollutants can lead to damage to SCR system components, including the catalytic converter, which in turn may affect nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.
  2. Low quality AdBlue: Using low quality AdBlue that does not meet quality standards and standards may lead to problems with the operation of the SCR system. AdBlue should comply with ISO 22241 standards, and low-quality fluid may result in system failures.
  3. Improper storage of AdBlue: AdBlue is susceptible to degradation, especially under improper storage conditions such as high temperatures or exposure to sunlight. Improper storage conditions may lead to loss of liquid quality.
  4. Damage to AdBlue system components: Sensors, pumps, lines and injectors associated with the AdBlue system are susceptible to mechanical damage or wear. Problems with these elements may lead to incorrect AdBlue dosing and disruptions in the NOx emission reduction process.
  5. Poor maintenance: Failure to regularly maintain and inspect your SCR system can lead to debris build-up, sensor failure, and other problems. Regular inspections are crucial to maintaining the efficiency of the system.
  6. Errors in the diagnostic system: Diagnostic systems that monitor the status of the AdBlue and SCR system may sometimes generate incorrect readings or messages. These errors may be the result of problems with sensors, cables or other components.
  7. Low temperatures and freezing: At low temperatures, AdBlue may freeze. Therefore, it is important to use AdBlue with the appropriate antifreeze additive and install tank heaters to prevent freezing.

In order to avoid problems with AdBlue in industrial machines, it is important to use high-quality fluid, regularly maintain the SCR system, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and monitor the level and quality of AdBlue. In addition, machine operators should be aware of the norms and standards regarding AdBlue and SCR systems in their jurisdiction.

adblue maszyny przemysłowe

Take care of your AdBlue systems in industrial machines for several important reasons:

  1. Compliance with emission standards: Taking care of your AdBlue systems helps keep industrial machinery compliant with applicable emission standards. This makes it easier to comply with environmental regulations and avoid possible financial penalties or business restrictions.
  2. Optimal engine performance: Proper operation of the AdBlue system affects the efficiency and performance of the machine’s engine. Taking care of this system translates into smoother operation, fuel savings and minimization of failures related to exhaust emissions.
  3. Longer component life: Regular maintenance of the AdBlue system can help to increase the durability of individual machine components, which in turn reduces the costs associated with repairs and replacement parts.
  4. Environmental protection: By taking care of AdBlue systems, you contribute to reducing the emission of harmful substances, which has a positive impact on the environment. Supporting green practices in industry is important both for a company’s reputation and for the future of the planet.
  5. Minimize downtime: Regular maintenance of the AdBlue system helps avoid unplanned machine downtime. This, in turn, translates into continuity of production and efficient use of resources.

In summary, taking care of AdBlue systems in industrial machinery is crucial both for regulatory compliance and for optimal performance and long-term operation of the machinery.


lower efficiency due to poor operation of AdBlue industrial machines.